Personal Elements description


Yang wood甲


Yang wood is like a tree. A person born on the day of yang wood has similar qualities like a tree. It is a person with morals and principles, it does not bend easily, it is kind and offers shade to the people in need. Ambitious, it has a strong will, it wants to be the taller and best of all. It looks hard outside but it has a soft heart. A yang wood person can be stubborn, it has a strong ego and is direct without tact.



Yin wood乙


Yin wood is like a flower. A person born on the day of yin wood has similar qualities like a flower. It is elegant, charming, soft, flexible, diplomatic, it adapts to the environment. It is realistic, creative and emotional. It has a sweet tongue. It is the great survivor, it can be crafty and make up stories in order to get what it wants. It loves to be accepted. it looks often for confirmation from the others.



Yang fire丙


Yang fire is like the sun. A person born on the day of yang fire has similar qualities like the sun. It is warm, passionate, open, honest, enthusiastic, generous, and independent. Popular, friendly, open minded, everybody likes to be near the sun. It has a lot of energy. It likes stability and routine. Outspoken, it can have hot temper, it does not like to wait, it may say



Yin fire丁


Yin fire is like a candle. A person born on the day of yin fire has similar qualities like a candle. It is sensitive, soft, polite, discrete, emotional, it likes to keep the peace. It likes to think and analyze too much, it is careful. Kind and sociable, it does not open up easily so it has few close friends. It looks calm and quiet, but it is unpredictable and has mood swings. If angry it can burn everything in seconds.  It does not like criticism.



Yang Earth戊


Yang earth is like a mountain. A person born on the day of yang earth has similar qualities like a mountain. It is stable, firm, traditional, loves security, down to earth, honest, reliable. It is a private and secretive person, homey, it does not like crowds. It has deep thoughts, so others go to yang earth to tell their secrets.  It is easy to get fat. Not flexible, unmovable, a bit stubborn, it wants its friends to take decision, it can delay decision.



Yin Earth己


Yin earth is like the soil of garden. A person born on the day on yin earth has similar qualities like garden soil. It is peaceful, calm, charismatic, intellectual. Inventive, productive, caring, mother instinct, it likes to offer to the others, helpful, adaptable, diplomatic. Analytical but forgive others, reliable, introvert. They like to collect. It can be possessive and is giving out too much, others may use it and take it for granded.



Yang Metal庚


Yang metal is like a weapon. A person born on the day of yang metal has similar qualities like a weapon. Fighting spirit, strong, tough, proud, loyal, honest. Hard, dynamic, with leader qualities, it wants to win, insisting, determined, forceful. It wants to be nr 1, it loves challenge. “One for all, all for one”, it is loyal to its friends. It has sense of justice to help the weak. Destructive, it keeps shooting, it acts before thinking, intimidating.



Yin Metal辛


Yin metal is like jewelry. A person born on the day of yin metal has similar qualities like jewelry. Elegant, beautiful, charming, draws attention through looks or speech. Loves compliments. Needs a life with luxury & style. It has quick thinking, good brain and it shares its talents. It looks delicate outside, but is harsh inside. Sharp tongue, it takes revenge, can be a bad enemy. It is fragile and cannot stand stress and hardship.



Yang Water壬


Yang water is like the ocean. A person born on the day of yang water has similar qualities like the ocean. Active, clever, impulsive, full of energy, enthusiastic, extravert, never shy, moves fast, loves freedom, it has courage, drive and determination. Emotional, with selective memory. It is a philanthropist. Innovative, it can see the big picture of things. But it is also pushy, a bit bossy and impatient.



Yin Water癸


Yin water is like the morning dew. A person born on the day of yin water has similar qualities like morning dew. Humble, modest, patient, flexible, accommodates others, friendly, emotional, clever, innovative, good listener, loves peace. Observative, careful with money, decides fast, cannot stay at same place, gets bored easily, changes mood. Chameleon, secretive, introvert, it may not quarrel but this does not mean it agrees.